I can't seem to find the energy to get washed and dressed in the morning Getting in and out of the bath is a real struggle these days I often can't quite remember what I should be doing today Going out is one of life's small pleasures but it's not much fun on my own I hate eating on my own. Ready meals do the job but something homemade would be far nicer

About Us - A Care Agency with a Difference

There comes a time in many of our lives when we may need to make a decision about our future care – sometimes this means making a lifestyle change that can often feel overwhelming.

Most of us would choose to stay in our own homes where we can continue to see our friends, pursue our hobbies, keep our pets and live in familiar surroundings. As we get older, however, many of us also become less able and living alone can be isolating and dangerous.

Live-in care gives our clients the freedom and independence of staying at home and enjoying the benefits that brings while eliminating the risks. As well as helping with practical, physical tasks like cooking, cleaning and support for trips out of the home, a live-in carer also provides companionship, security and support in an emergency.

For those looking for care for an elderly or ailing parent, knowing their loved one is being cared for by someone who is there all the time can provide peace of mind.

A New Approach to Home Care

You may be considering live-in care as a long-term solution or just looking at it for a short period of time, perhaps while you recuperate after a spell in hospital. Whatever the reason we can help.

We believe that you should be making the choices about your care arrangements and that our job is simply to help you do that. Our agency is founded on the principle that carers and the people they care for should choose each other for a comfortable and easy working partnership and that the best approach is to select only the highest quality Caregivers and then let those seeking support and those Caregivers choose each other.

Where We Work

Based in Horsham we provide home care across the UK and primarily throughout East and West Sussex, Hampshire, Brighton, Chichester, Worthing and Eastbourne. We are here to answer any questions you may have at any time to suit you, please feel free to call us on 08456 800 846 or email us at info@careandchoice.co.uk.

We will take the time to discuss your individual requirements and help you choose the most suitable Caregiver to compliment your needs and fit comfortably into your home.

Our Caregiver page is an opportunity for you to share in the background, life experience and skills of our handpicked Caregivers, safe in the knowledge, that they have undergone our extensive recruitment checks and are personally selected by us for you.

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Meet the Team

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How we help our Clients

The thought of having someone with you and sharing your private space can be as daunting as having to leave to your home. That’s why Care & Choice recognise that having the right person for the role is essential.

We only provide hand-picked Caregivers who are:

  • Compassionate.
  • Experienced.
  • Compatible with you.
  • Passionate about the care they give.
  • Respect your choices and needs.

And with the reassurance that every Caregiver meets this exacting standard, you choose who you want to invite to care for you.

Browse through our Caregiver profiles and identify someone that you feel will meet your needs and share your hobbies and interests. Then simply request an introduction and let us do the rest.

How we help our Caregivers

At Care & Choice we personally meet with all our Caregivers and only those that are passionate about elderly care are selected to join us.

Selected Caregivers are involved in creating their website profiles and we share these details, along with their availability, with our Clients.

A Client may ask to be introduced to a Caregiver, and in turn a Caregiver may request an introduction to a Client, So unlike other agencies, at Care & Choice we give you the opportunity to be involved in selecting your perfect match.

Browse through our selection of profiles to see if there any Clients that you would like to help, then simply request an introduction and let us do the rest.